About Us

Hi friends! 

Thanks for visiting No Comment Required - a socially responsible brand :)

We met back in lockdown 1 when Victoria (Adaptive fashion designer & Disability advocate) hired Jasmine-Leann (Photographer, creative consultant & Mental Health & Eating Disorder advocate) to edit a video for her.

We soon discovered we're twins in so many ways - one of them being we're both passionate advocates championing open conversations, raising awareness & changing attitudes.

After many voice notes back & forth ranting about how despite some great voices out there, there is still a huge lack of positive representation within Disability & Mental Health we thought...why wait for someone else to do it?! And so No Comment Required was born.

Our aim? To provide slogan clothing with you in mind. 

Representation is so important, to feel seen & validated, to be a touch sassy & creative, to be proud of what & who you are. Disability is not a bad word, we all have Mental Health just like we have Physical Health & these topics are for everyone to advocate - not just those living within them

We're also committed to being Socially Responsible which means:

  • All our fabric is certified organic cotton
  • Our packaging is either fully compostable, recyclable or plantable
  • No plastic within our packaging
  • We do not work with sweat shops
  • 10% profits go to charity

Our designs allow the wearer of an NCR garment to feel empowered about who they are whilst knowing their clothes are responsibly made. Wearing one of our designs creates a feel good moment.

Thank you for being apart of No Comment Required & don't forget to tag us in your pictures & use the hashtag #nocommentrequired